MOKA ONLY: „I like dirty shit.“

MOKA ONLY: „I like dirty shit.“

You changed your name to Torch with this album. Why?

I changed my name to Torch? oh ya, I think I did, but not  really... its not a new name anyway, maybe new to some, but I've had alias names all my life, some people know me as ' The Wild Maccaroni'.


What´s the difference between Moka Only and Torch?

There really isn't any difference between the two names except they are spelled differently.


Listening to The Taste, what´s you take on the current state of hip hop?

My take on hip hop changes like the breeze. I like the underdogs so i tend to support the underground first. I like dirty shit.


What made you write a song like Banana Pancakes?

Banana Pancakes, hmm... well, for those who may not catch every bit of my strange english, I'm talking about a relationship with a woman that could've happened, but it didn't happen.


I read that there should be scored 2 videos (The Taste & Search). When can we expect them?

I don't know anything about the new videos. I never get videos anymore, with the current state of the north american music industry, there isn't a lot of extra money at indie labels to put towards videos, I'll just keep that short. I wish the situation was different. I think i should have videos. I will maybe film them myself, who knows.


Most of the tracks have also a different beat at the end. Why?

The tracks are different at the end because hip hop groove gets boring to me if they don't change after a minute or  two. I just do that to keep it interesting plus because I'm different, I like being the odd one. 


Why did you leave Swollen Members?

Swollen, It was fun for sure. It wasn't fun anymore and i wanted to leave while we were all on good terms still. Much love to those guys. I still see them often. Madchild helped me greatly in many ways. Prev is like my lil bro and Robs a talented dood and a good guy in general. Word. I'm not much of a team mate though. I'm too stubborn to stay in a group. 


What´s your opinion on Heavy and Monsters In The Closet nowadays?

I will vouch for both of those albums. I do think we went a bit over the top with Heavy, but i will defend our raps on there till the end. Most of them anyway, maybe not all the hooks, but man, we was killin' em with the lyrics on Heavy, I think. 


You´ve released a lot of albums. To how many of them do you remember the lyrics?

Yo... you are gonna laugh, but i can't remember most of my lyrics until I put a set together. Some I will always know, but usually I have to get refreshed. I have too many songs. I'm the best.


You said that The Desired Effect didn´t come out as you wanted to, that the label stressed you about the music. Had it happen to you before?

Yes, I've had a only a couple times where a label wanted something different but thats part of the game, with Battle Axe it was generally all good though. At the end it was a little sticky only because other parties were involved.


What´s your creative process like? I´m asking because Prevail said in his interview for a local hip hop mag that you are that type of artist who wakes up at 3 am and goes making music.

Prevail is pretty correct in saying that about me. I work all night usually. Beats come first  before raps, sometimes I don't work on raps at all, just beats. Its an everyday thing. I don't tour a lot. I guess I'm kinda like Madlib. I just work on music.


Do you prefer live shows, or rather working in the studio?

I can't compare the studio with live shows. Its just two different things, ya know.. live shows are a rush. I want to tour overseas more than anything. Please make it happen, holler!


"I never take a break“ you rap on Vermillion. So what are you working on right now?

Yup.. I never take a break. I just finished an album called Airport, and an album called Claptrap. I'm looking for labels to put them out. I would like to continue to work with URBNET as they have showed great interest. Maybe Airport will officially come out through them. I have other projects I'm doing as  well. I like to do exclusive albums for indie labels in different countries. I just did another 'Ron Contour' album for a label in Japan, actually, Buddfest Records.  


Thanks for hollerin at me for the interview and i urge all you guys reading this, if ya ever feel like asking me anything or  booking for  shows, hit me on my myspace, word, peace, see ya sooon.---m

Autor: Lukas, Rubrika: Rozhovor
23. 6. 2007

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