Q-UNIQUE: As artists we must become self sufficient

Q-UNIQUE: As artists we must become self sufficient

It´s been 6 years since you blessed your fans with a great debut album „Venegance is Mine“. What has Q-Unique been doing all that time? Did you feel like you need time to gather new ideas for the next album?
I´ve been involved in a lot of different things, I did put out other CDs "Street Supreme" & "The Collabo Tapes 1 & 2", and I´ve been featured on a few albums along the way, including La Coka Nostra, Mr. Hyde, DJ JS1, The Caen Project & Jise´s Chronicle´s just to name a few. I´ve done some shows, and then in my alter ego, I´ve been creating music with my band StillWell. So I have stayed busy.

The album "Between Heaven & Hell“ is coming out in a minute, what can we expect from it?
A more mature approach to what I call hip hop, because everyone has and should have their own definition and angle.

What do you think that the interspace between heaven and hell is like? How do you imagine it?
Its the balance of what we believe to be good and evil, its the fine line, the good days and the bad days.

Is the album going to come out on Uncle Howie Records like "Venegance is Mine“?
No, I will be putting this one out myself, the game has changed so much that I believe and have been shown that as artists we must become self sufficient.

Generally, I think that after Non Phixion´s break-up, all the crew around Uncle Howie Records and Psycho+Logical Records started to slowly lose their breath. Necro planned to release 10 albums within a year, but never made it, Ill Bill moved to the West coast to work with La Coka Nostra and the whole collective, whose biggest strength was the unity and sticking together, started to suffer. How did you perceive this change? Do you still hang out with Necro? Did you work with him on this album?
Nah, I don´t agree. The crew has been extremely productive, it´s just things don´t always go the way we plan, that´s just life. So if Necro didn´t put out 10 albums, I´m sure he has made up for it by other means, so in the end it all balances out, and everyone is still moving. Necro produced on the new album.

What´s the current situation with Arsonists? Will we ever hear some new material from your original group? It´s been almost 10 years since you released the "Date of Birth“ LP and I still secretly hope, that I will see a third album. Are Arsonists history now?
The Arsonists are history. At least we left with 2 very good albums and a whole lot of good show memories. I do have all former members on the new album.

You have always been doing the hardest rap. Have you ever thought of using auto-tune in your record? Even Necro admitted, that he once has tried it in studio to see how he´d sound with auto-tune.
Nah, that ain´t my thing. And I don´t hate on those that do it, cause that´s their thing. As far as hard rap, I think there are others that do more grimey raps than I do, I just do what´s real to me, so if I do a love song, it´s because thats what I feel and thats whats real to me.

You are known for giving your everything into your shows. Do you feel better on stage or in the studio? Do you think it´s better to record the best possible album, or to have the best possible show that will make people go and buy your records?
I balance both, that´s why my fans love my CDs and my live performances, both aspects are very important.

With today´s state of the record business, can you make living only off music, or do you need to make money some other way too?
I think you have to have a hand in everything, if you want to be an entertainer, then aside from making music, you can be involved in film or television, and several other aspects of entertainment.

Anything you would like to add? Any shout outs or message to fans? The fans know I got love for them, its cliche but the truth is, If they didn´t take the time to be a fan, then I wouldn´t be here, so they are very important to me. Peace.
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18. 3. 2010

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