TOMC3: „Working with Kool Keith is an experience within itself.“

TOMC3: „Working with Kool Keith is an experience within itself.“

How did you initially hook up with Prince Po?

I met prince from working on the Project Polaroid album. I was working

on the song "Mechanical Mechanix" and thought it would be fitting for

his style. Soon after that album was complete, I began throwing around

ideas for my next project. I really liked how he sounded on that

particular track and we vibed well together, so I hit him up about

doing an album with me. He was open to the idea and flew out to SF the

next week and we began working on the album.

What does it mean to you working with Prince Po?

Being a big fan of Organized Konfusion, it means a lot to me. I feel

honored in every respect working with a legend like Po. You know what

I mean?? I grew up listening to him, and to be working with him is a

whole other level.

How long have you been working on the album?

Well, the album took about 2 months to complete. And I worked on the

mix for another month after that. So about 3 months in all.

Your sound is being described as „the soundtrack to the 70´s B films".

If you could make a soundtrack to one movie, which one would you


That's a good question....Well, since Lalo Schifrin is one of my

favorites, I would like to do the score for the movie "Bullitt". In no

way would I be able to top the original, but it would definitely be

fun scoring that movie with all the chase scenes in San Francisco,

speeding up and down hills that I see on a daily basis. That would be


Besides your new album with Prince Po, you don´t work much with people

outside the Treshold camp. Why?

Well, that's my family, so it's easy to collaborate with people who

are part of your family. I don't really have to go out of my way to

get them to collaborate. But I am definitely open to people outside of

my camp.

Do you plan your own album?

That is definitely in the plans. I haven't figured out how I want to

go about it yet. You know, either instrumental or get a bunch of

guests etc..I don't have an idea of what direction to go in yet. I

need to meditate on that a bit.

You are working on numerous albums with Motion Man, Del and others.

When can we expect them?

Well, that is hard to say. We are still in the process of recording

the album. So, maybe late 2008. They all have their own stuff they are

working on as well, so it makes it a little more complex to work

around their schedules. But it is definitely in the process. 

What do you think of Pharoahe Monch´s Desire?

I think it's a good album. Definitely a new direction for him. I hope

he does well for himself. He deserves it. One of the best emcee's


Are the next Project Polaroid and Dopestyle 1231 albums going to happen?

There could be a Project Polaroid sequel in the works. I need to sit

down with Keith about that one. As for a Dopestyle 1231, I wouldn't

hold your breath on that one. I heard Dopestyle is working on a

Dopestyle 1231 album with a different producer. So, if it happens, I

will not be the one supplying the direction. But it will probably be a

good album regardless. 

What is it like working with Kool Keith? Any crazy stories? Can you

clear up the rumours that he has 3 houses (once for clothes, one for

shoes and one for food)?

Working with Keith is an experience within itself. He is a creature of

habit, so he tends to like to do the same routine for much of the

time. If you are used to his routine, then you will be okay. If you

haven't been around Keith before, it can be pretty draining. But it is

a pretty fun experience. Crazy Keith stories??? There is so

many..Hmm..I once saw him eat 60 pieces of hot wings in one sitting

and topped it off by downing a bottle of yoo-hoo. After he finished he

then began to kick poppa large backwards!! It was the illest, you had

to be there to appreciate it. To clarify his 3 houses, you actually

left one out. He has a fourth house that he dedicates to his porn

collection and VCR/DVD players and portable TV's. It is all true.

Is it true that Kutmasta Kurt dissed your stuff back in the days?

Very true story. We actually had a beef back in the day. I used to see

him at clubs and shows and we got pretty close to getting into fights

each time. It got pretty dangerous and we both started packin guns

because we thought the other was out to blast the other. It was a

crazy time. We finally decided we should end the beef and we had an

arm wrestling match to end it all. As for the outcome of that, I can't

tell you. You might have to get that answer from Kurt.

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6. 12. 2007

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