WILDCHILD: „I am still cool with Stones Throw.“

WILDCHILD: „I am still cool with Stones Throw.“

Wildchild, member of Lootpack, released his new album Jack of All Trades with production from Madlib, Oh No, Black Milk and guest appearances by Masta Ace, MC Lyte, Percee P and others. In our interview Wildchild sheds light on his Stones Throw situation and announces his upcoming albums with Karriem Riggins and Dudley Perkins.


What have you been doing since Secondary Protocol?
Recording, traveling, taking care of my fam. I am trying to stay busy any way I can.

Some fans may be confused becuase there was no video and no single. Is Jack Of All Trades your official album, the follow-up to Secondary Protocol?
It is the official follow up, but the single/video is in the works as to which song. That´s the decision that is still up in the air right now.

The Interviews song made me change some of the questions (laughs). In that song you say that you are sick of being asked about a new Lootpack album but on the record you also rap „Lootpack till I die, people, I know you are tired of waiting“, so it seems that you understand that people are interested in it.

How did The Laegue song come about?
I was interested in a dope collab of artists that really inspired me, more than the fact of just being a fan also.

Rest N Beats is a tribute to J Dilla. What is your favourite memory of him?
There are too many, because of how many beats he did that I still play. I don´t just have one favorite.

What is your take on the legions of hipsters with their J Dilla Changed My Life t´s on? Because there are thousands of people who had not heard of him untill he died and now they act as his since-day-one fans?
I know, man. It is sad but then again it does open their eyes to what they missed out on all these years. I just hope they are really sincere when wearing them.

Do you think that pioneers like Kool Herc, Afrika Bambaataa and others get respect they deserve?
Hell no, which is why I did the Da Herc Dance. Not to just make up a dance but to bring the fun back and still acknowlege who paved the way for us to even be here now talking about hip hop.

How did you hook up with Fat Beats?
I just linked up with them through Babu while working on his Duck Season 3 project and Fat Beats were interested in putting the music out.

Why did you leave Stones Throw Records?
Honestly I never left. They just decided not to put the current LP out. That´s all. I´m gonna submit more music in the future so we will see then what happens.

Declaime, who left StonesThrow Records, said that Stones Throw is all about Madlib and if he was not there they would go down. What is your opinion on that?
I understand what he is saying but I feel Stones Throw does put work in everything other than just Madlib too, what happens is that my boy Madlib has more work available so it seems that his work sees the light, which is still dope.

Are you still cool with PB Wolf and Egon?
Im cool with everyone man. I can´t stand negative vibes toward anyone especially if they helped me become what I am. Then again understand everyone has disagreements like we all do.

What do Stones Throw Records do bad that so many artists have left them in the last motnhs?
You know what man, that answer has to be answered by those artists themselves. I never knew their agreement or situation. Keep in mind Wildchild on the solo tip only had a one LP deal with them anyways. It was the Lootpack which had a multi deal of LPs to be released.
Peace and please support the Jack of All Trades. Look out for my collab album with Stacy Epps & Karriem Riggins, also collab album with Georgia Ann & Dudley Perkins, also future work with Madlib solo material, and my new untitled dvd coming soon to a speaker near you.
Surround yourself with positive people. Peace.

Autor: Lukas, Rubrika: Rozhovor
18. 12. 2007

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