We live in the era of quick turnover. Monstrous corporations create and peddle low quality products that inevitably result in poor health and premature death of those consuming. Ignorance has been a painful bliss that countless have enjoyed for decades. But, a shift in consciousness is due. With it a shift in requirements. With that in mind, New York native ScienZe recently dropped the thinking-man’s release. “Good Food” is a 13-deep project worthy of your attention. Opting for a similar sound to his short but filling “A Traveling Man. 2” Good Food is a deliciously, rich and wholesome body of work, which see’s the thoughtful lyricist reflecting on the current poor state of modern consumables on offer. The release has plenty of high points, with ScienZe’s competent bars blending with the sublime & lush production. I fully endorse this guy and his positive message. I advise taking time while ingesting this healthy dose of quality. Hats off to ScienZe and all involved in this project, I pray it gets the acclaim and praise it deserves. “Eat good.”