FRANK NITT – You can expect new Frank N Dank material soon

There is one question that popped into my mind immediately: After releasing „The EP“ in 2007, you started to work on your solo stuff and there is no Frank N Dank project in sight. However in 2009 you and Dank toured Europe together. What is the current situation with Frank N Dank then? Is the goup´s existence somehow affected by the fact that you have moved to Los Angeles?
Frank N Dank is still a group. In that same time Dank worked on and released solo material as well…the solo releases allowed us to grow as artist and as grown men..and u can expect some new FND material soon..

One thing that both yours and Frank N Dank´s albums have in common is that they usually come out on different labels. Which of these labels did you like working with the most? What are the differences between Loose Zipper and Needillworks? Dopeness Gallore and Delicious Vinyl?
I think Needillworks would be the most appreciated because Dank and I basically migrated to Toronto to make it happen. The guys at Needillworks took us in and embraced our brand of craziness and we made it happen. Kinda like a family..that´s the fam right there!

Let´s talk about your EP "Jewels in my Backpack“ for a minute. The whole EP is noted for a very West coast sound, which is fairly different from the things you used to do as Frank N Dank. What sound fits you better – West coast or Detroit?
Yea I did the whole project w/ Terrace Martin as the producer. He is a known for his jazz and working w/ Snoop Dog and of course he´s from the West coast so of course the sound would be the same..but I´m Detroit so ima bring that wherever I go..I think our sounds meshed well! So at the end of the day as long as it sounds good it fits me!

Overall it feels like you have completely left Detroit. „Jewels in my Backpack“ was recorded in LA and there are some talks about an EP with German producer Sepalot. I suppose that you´ve met Sepalot during your European tour. Are you the type of artist who can´t bear being stuck in one place and do the same things for too long?

I will never leave Detroit! Yup me and Sepalot have a collaboration called "Fracture"..our EP "Outrageous" is out now. Its some new club worthy ish! I´m a true artist in the since that I wont stick to one musical format, and along with traveling a lot I get tons of musical influences so I feel like I should explore them all, so I do! While I have Jewels, and Fracture, I also did a whole project w/ Madlib.. I´m all over the place!

Why were the plans to release your first album „48 Hours“ on MCA Records eventually scrapped?

A lot of little things, but mostly it was because MCA was in the process of closing and we were way down the totem pole when it came to priority. Luckily we were able to get a release and ownership of the record.

Where does Frank Nitt feel the best? At home with family, in studio or on tour?
Mos def with the people u love (family). But I love makin´ records, and touring is the cherry on top! So I´m blessed man I get a little of everything…

What´s the situation with your official solo debut „Stadium Music“?
Workin´ on it now..I´m doin´ all the production on it as well as writing so it is comin´ soon.. I´m gathering verses and things from the crew and puttin´ the pieces together..

Can you make living completely off releasing albums and doing shows or do you simultaneously need to do some other job?
Well.. I have survived for the last 13 years as an artist and it´s been tough at tough that u wonder if u made the right decision. I´ve lost friends, money, had health issues and all types of fuckery behind this music.. I´m still here and I feel like I have so much more to do.. hence the production and the evolution as an artist.. I love it the saga continues!


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