House Shoes Presents The Gift: The Jay Dee Unreleased EP (Free Download)

Sto lidí, sto chutí. Pan Humble arogance aka House Shoes asi nikdy nebude “miláček” všech.  Kdo ho sleduje, tak ví, co si myslí o nakládání Jay Deeho odkazu. A proto se úplnej očistec po těch pár posledních letech, kdy máte pocit, že za chvíli se bude v sáčcích prodávat vzduch, který Jay Dee dejchal ve studiu, číst níže uvedený text.

In 1997, Jay Dee was the still new kid on the block. With the success of singles like Runnin` (Pharcyde), and Stakes is High (De La Soul), he had his own undeniable sound, but the majors still weren`t sold.
This is proof of that.
Jay was solicited by a lot of majors to do remixes for artists on their rosters. Time and time again, they would another route.
The joints he was coming up with were fucking nuts, but to no avail. In one case, he was led to believe that one of his mixes got thru, only to see another producers remix when the 12" showed up at Record Time.
I told him fuck it I wanna put it out. He trusted me.
I had never put a record out.
Got an investor.
Then I made a phone call.
Chris Manak, aka Peanut Butter Wolf, was my rep at TRC distribution in California. I was working at Street Corner Music ordering records from him every week. I got the #s
from him. Sent the masters over and we had a record.
The first pressing was on blue vinyl. Limited to 1500 copies.
Second press was on green vinyl.
I also learned to listen to test presses on multiple turntables.
There was a skip in the middle of the fucking Woo Hah rmx that did NOT SKIP on my 1200. Swear to god I had the only 12 that could play that shit. It skipped on EVERY other turntable in the world. Fucked up. Check your test pressings on a few setups. But, that`s fixed now.

Remastered by Dave Cooley directly from a sealed blue copy.

Why? Because the plates broke at the plant, and I lost the master in a flood 3 years later. That`s why.

Not giving up the HQ files tho. Fuck a bootlegger.

Enjoy the Gift…






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