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Never one to rest on his musical laurels, the brother Oddisee keeps treading his ever-evolving path of sonic goodness! Creating a cosy habitat where sweet-soul music meets hip hop in a marriage with pleasing results. I’m always keen to hear what the Sudanese­-American artist has to say. Predictably, both production and bars are on point for Odd’s 7-track; “Alwasta” free download. An EP that serves as a pleasant precursor to the forthcoming instrumental project, a summer tour and the follow-up project to 2015’s “The Good Fight”. Stream and take full advantage of the free download option for this incredibly dope project. Oddisee continues to push things forward with his scrupulous self-consideration and analysis of his role in the modern world all set to thoughtfully constructed beats. يحتفل !

Image thanks to Michelle Grace Hunder