MOON BAKER: “Nicolay did a great job for me.”

MOON BAKER: “Nicolay did a great job for me.”

Hi! Most people in Czech Republic probably don’t know you yet. Could you introduce yourself at first? How long have you been involved in the music scene?
Hi everyone, I’m Moon Baker, I’ve just released my album “ABC of Romance’ in Europe and Japan.My third single “Shot Deep” (radio edit) is coming up in november along with a video.

I can definitely feel an inspiraton by old soul and jazz in your music. Do you like some of the music that’s on the radio now?
I love the vibe,purity,honesty and intensity of music such as soul, gospel,blues,rock’n roll,country,p-funk and “old school” hiphop. Yes, I can relate to artists such as Amy Winehouse, Alicia Keys, Lauren Hill,Leela James, Mary J Blige, John Legend,Outkast,Prince for example.

How much did your father influence your past and current music?
My father is a popmusician as well, so I have been involved in the music scene, as far as I can remember.

Who are your influences? Was it mainly your father or are there many other artists who inspire you?
My father influenced me with blues and rock’n roll. Later on I discovered soul and funkmusic.For example: Otis Redding, Marvin Gaye, Gladys Knight, Rufus and Chaka Kahn, Curtis Mayfield, Al Green, James Brown and George Clinton (a few months ago, I appeared again as his featuring guest on stage, dreams can come true!), Earth Wind and Fire, Graham Central Station, Sly Stone, Stevie Wonder.

What was the reason for your departure from Candy Dulfers Funky Stuff? Did you want to break through the scene only as a solo artist?
Yep, it was time to develop my identity as an artist. But I still work with Candy once in a while. Meanwhile she and her father (Hans Dulfer) did a great job promoting my album everywhere they could.They’re very supportive.

How did you link up with Nicolay?
Nicolay has been a friend for years. He used to play bass and keyboards and sing as well. And I was in his group. The last couple of years he had developed into a hiphopproducer. I wasn’t even aware of the fact he was doing so well with “The Foreign Exchange”. I just knew we connected. I asked him for some beats and because that worked very well, asked him to produce the record and he did. He did a great job on it.

Do you also listen to music from other Justus League artists apart from Nicolay? Would you like to do a collabo with 9th Wonder in the future?

Due to Myspace and the link with Nicolay I get a lot of friend-requests of the hiphop music scene everywhere in the world. I try to listen to all the music and it’s very inspiring. This is also the reason I’m familiar with 9th Wonder and if we can work something satisfying out together I’d love to collab.

Have you ever thought about moving to USA, just like Nicolay did? After all, there are more career opportunities and more potential fans than in Holland.
Right now we’re working on a release in the States. Because Nicolay lives there, it’s more easy to set it up together.It’s a dream to be able to play my music live over there, we’ll see. Please check radiostation WGCR.US from Chicago. Abc of Romance made it to nr 1 over there and right now another song ‘Body” is in the top of their charts.

What are you working on right now?
Right now I’m working on new material and on the video of my upcoming single “Shot Deep”.

You have performed around the world. Is it possible that you will visit Czech Republic on some of your upcoming tours?
I already played once in Czech Republic on tour with Candy and I’d love to come over again with my band.

Thanks for the interview! Feel free to say anything else that you would like us to know.
Thanks everyone for supporting my music and my album!

Peace, sun, happiness!



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