Dee Jackson from 80’s Babies – I believe it is a lack of balance in the current state of Hip-Hop

Dee Jackson from 80’s Babies – I believe it is a lack of balance in the current state of Hip-Hop

80’s Babies is a rap group that consist producer Tall Black Guy (Detroit, now UK) and rapper Dee Jackson from Chicago. They released a new album called Searching For Happy and we talked about rapper Dee Jackson about this great piece of music.

Your new album sounds great – soulful beats, real rap with a great natural flow. That reminds me golden age of hip-hop, the 90ties. Can you introduce group called 80’s Babies?

We’re a conscious hip-hop duo formed in Chicago that embodies the true form of the culture

80’s Babies.. why this name, maybe i get it as i am 80’s baby too but.. what more is in that name?

Well we’re both born in the eighties, but the eighties was also the growth and development of hip-hop and represent that.  So anyone can be an eighties baby.

Your rap is very unique, i mean a long time ago i didnť t hear that flow,  also your lyrics are…i have to say revolutionary compared to the new trap stuff now, where the lyrics are not so important, so tell me your way to rap, what influences  you – books, rappers, music.

I was born in the eighties but influenced by the early nineties . I fell in love with hip-hop because of emcees like Nas, Tupac, Tribe Called Quest and many more from that era, and their message was conscious and love oriented for the most part.  My parents also played a major part by installing great morals and values in me.

When i listen to your album i feel like this is adult rap for adult rap fans, who do you think is your usual listener or for whom are you doing your music? I mean, everybody will say I make music for everybody, but you know your fanbase in States the best, so who are they?

I don’t cater to certain group of people but I can say that my fans are usually a more mature audience .  I would love it if more young people would get exposed to the sound and message I’m putting out

I have to say i really like whole your album, track after track, how does it work with Tall Black Guy,  where did you meet him?  Tall Black Guy and I are best friends for like 20 years now.  We met in school and on the basketball court and we’ve been like brothers ever since.  The friendship was first , then came the music.  I believe the music is so natural and organic because of our friendship.

What do you think about current situation in hip-hop? I mean all the hippity trends, for example in the Czech republic it was very hot 10 years ago and now it seems like the young people donť listen to hip-hop as much as we did. 

I believe it is a lack of balance in the current state of hip-hop. Most of the mainstream sounds the same and lacks content. I believe if real hip-hop were available on mainstream outlets, then more people would gravitate towards it.

Your lyrics are very conscious, what do you think about current situation in Ferguson and many other cities, from Europe it´s sometimes very hard to understate that.

I believe we are in a state of emergency as black people in the U.S. Our life isn’t valued like others and there seems to be a different set of rules for us. It’s time we stand up for ourselves and fight back if necessary. Police are killing black people without thinking twice because there is no consequences…. There needs to be consequences.

Back to music – you have a great album, are you touring a lot? And what about to go to Europe?

We are doing spot dates here and there but haven’t set up a tour yet… Hoping to do that in the near future in the states and Europe.

What are your plans?

More positive and conscious music from 80’s Babies and definitely a world tour. Check us out at