Rapper Big Pooh

Rapper Big Pooh

Rapper Big Pooh is still very productive even after the end of Little Brother (2010). He recorded
4 albums and one mixtape in three years and he still holds his high level. Pooh is faithful to true skool
and oh his last album „Fat Boy Fresh vol. 3 – Happy Birthday Thomas“despite the short footage – 30 minutes,he proved that his flow and lyrics nominates him to the top of the game. His solo career is not so remarkablelike of the his Little Brother colleagues, but he is still worth listening as well as Phonte and 9th Wonder albums. We reached him for a short interview during his preparation for american tour.


1. The 8th August you have new album which sounds really great, why did you decide to collaborate with the Mighty DR which is the only producer on the album?

I have known The Mighty DR since 2001. This project is just us coming full circle. We always spoke about doing something together to this magnitude, timing was on our side.

2. Your sound is still very close to LB sound, do you to want to change something in the future, or you are enjoying your true fans and their support?

Funny thing, this is the first solo project I have released since 2005 that has features the „LB“ sound so to speak. I found a way to give fans what they have been asking for while still satisfying my own creative agenda.

3. In the new video „Gold Chain“ you look really „angry“ on all the bling bling rappers, i like your t-shirt „read books not labels“, can you tell us about the story why you did this song?

Gold Chain wasn’t about any other rappers. The whole song had everything to do with me and my quest for material positions. That video represented my thoughts at an early age.

4. I was watching some interviews, you have to hate this question but i have to ask, so do you think that LB sometimes can comeback and how it is for you, still be labeled as LB member?

LB is done. Over. To always be mentioned with something that has a firm place in Hip Hop history is flattering. I’m just focused on building my solo career the same as I helped build the LB name and brand.

5. What do you mean about current situations in hip-hop, big hype about Kendrick Lamar, Drake, others and the new beef. Do you think that it can be good thing for hip-hop or not?

This isn’t beef. To call it beef would be irresponsible. This is about competition. You can be cool with someone but at the end of the day we are all competing to be the best, period.

6. What happened to the Justus League, is it totally over?

The Justus League collapsed because of poor structure. Some still carry the flag but the glory days are gone.

7. Are you still living in Durham? What is so special there to have great musicians from there like you or 9th Wonder?

I don’t reside in that area anymore, haven’t for over 2 years. What makes North Carolina special is, it’s a melting pot. People from varies states converge here for school and bring their hometown flavors with them.

9. Can you tell us about your plans, future, people which you wanna to collaborate?

My plans for the future is to build up the Rapper Big Pooh name the same as I helped to do with LB. More music, more visuals, other artist.

10. How will you describe your career?

Patience, persistence, and a work ethic like no other.

11. What music are you listening when you relax at home?

I try and stay up on a lot of the younger cats coming out but most of my time is spent listening to funk and soul records from the 70’s and 80’s. James Brown all day.

12. Are you planning concerts in Europe? 

I have been looking to get back to Europe. I just need to connect with the right agency or promoters to make it happen. If you know of any let me know!