Mistr se opět hlásí o slovo – Brenk Sinatra – Gumbo III (The Gorilla Diaries 2012 – 2016)

Mistr se opět hlásí o slovo – Brenk Sinatra – Gumbo III (The Gorilla Diaries 2012 – 2016)

Dlouho se tu na webu nic nedělo. Na vše musí být hlava, čas, chuť a desky, které vás zalijí štěstím.

A samozřejmě, vyšlo několik dobrých desek, ale ta nálada přišla až nyní. S Brenkem Sinatrou. Člověkem, kterého si vážím jak po hudební stránce, tak po lidské. Už se nemůžu dočkat na výlet do Vídně, kde roky odkládáme rozhovor.

Když si pustíte Brenka, víte, že to je Brenk a je jedno, jestli to jsou jeho raw beats nebo ty více melodické. Každopádně víte, že to nezní jak nudná píča chillhop mrdka beats.

Vše o desce si přečtěte z ofiko infa. Jen je dobré poznamenat, že šuplíkovky 2012 až 2016 a furt to má všechno. Vyšlo samo i na vinylu (koupit) a jeho labelu Wave Planet Records.


The follow-up „Gumbo II“ was released in 2011

via the Cologne-based label MPM, which helped ignite the growing hype around instrumental hip-hop with Brenk Sinatra and other exceptional producers on board. Brenk’s uncompromising second part of the Gumbo series catapulted him into the ranks of the most sought-after beat producers in Europe. Since then, the third and final part of the Gumbo series was also in the planning stage, but the ever-increasing number of musical projects and not least the pressure to top the first two album parts prevented Brenk from completing his instrumental trilogy.

The folder with the instrumentals selected for it grew to well over 100 beats, was partially deleted and constantly changed in its composition, until Brenk stopped the targeted collection of Gumbo material in 2017 for the time being. At that time, Brenk made a stylistic shift that led him away from classic, sample-based beats to those laid-back trap hybrids that are now known as his trademark sound. Also, the mindset to complete „Gumbo III“ would not settle and other projects were brought forward until the album took a complete back seat. Over the years, fans and journalists were repeatedly put off by Brenk when asked about a release date and „Gumbo III“ became an eagerly awaited phantom project.

Fast forward to the year 2021: for the first time in four years Brenk clicks through the folder with the interludes, musical sketches and already finished beats once produced for „Gumbo III“. With a new label and publishing situation in the background (in 2021 Brenk founded the music label Wave Planet Records as well as the associated publishing company Wave Planet Publishing) he makes the decision that the time is now ripe for the completion of the Gumbo trilogy and Wave Planet Records must become the new home of this project.

This is followed by weeks of painstaking restoration of the instrumentals produced between 2012 and 2016. Brenk’s focus was to keep the musical spirit of the instrumentals unchanged and not to modernize the sound. From today’s perspective, „Gumbo III“ bursting with countless vinyl samples sounds like Brenk’s earlier beats, anachronistic and refreshingly different precisely because of that. The only update allowed for the „Gumbo III“ instrumentals was a new mix by Brenk and mastering by his top-notch producer colleague Dexter.


released November 18, 2022

1LP and Tape

All Beats produced mixed and arranged by Brenk Sinatra for Beschenk Brenk Productions

Artwork by Cone The Weird

Mastered by Dexter

Published by Wave Planet Publishing GbR & buddemusic Publishing GmbH

© 2022 Wave Planet Records